Abama Beach Tenerife: perfection by the sea

Everyone may sing the praises of our Dave Thomas golf course and our brilliant turquoise swimming pools with views for miles, but guests and owners agree that there’s another hidden gem at the resort: Abama Beach Tenerife. This ideal place to sunbathe, swim, relax or have a cocktail by the ocean sometimes gets overlooked in our enthusiasm for the activities and facilities higher above sea level. But today, take the funicular and walk through the golden sand that covers this little paradise at your feet. Here are a few facts about its history and characteristics that may make you fall even more in love with this extraordinary escape.

When The Ritz-Carlton, Abama was under construction, the need for a beach at Abama was obvious. The enclave next to the ocean cliffs, crowned by banana trees, presented itself as the perfect spot to build up a cove. The sand, you may notice, is a bit lighter than the surrounding beaches, because it was imported from Mauritania. It generates an interesting visual harmony between the Moorish-inspired architecture of the hotel, the reddish stone of the facades, the exuberance of our palm trees and the beach. It’s a tribute to the landscapes of North Africa that has become an icon for the island and the best waterfront among Tenerife South hotels.

Channeling all the way down to the beach, the Chabugo Ravine is the geographical feature that both created and frames this idyllic corner. The silhouette of the neighboring island of La Gomera, the sun setting on the horizon, and the calm ocean are together one of the most beautiful sights of the resort.

Sunset at Abama Beach Tenerife

Only 100 meters long and 20 meters wide, Abama Beach Tenerife isn’t conducive to crowding. You can enjoy your sunbed in total comfort and tranquility. If you prefer to take a dip, jumping in from the rocks, the left side of the beach offers a natural pool with stair access. And a promenade built on the coast will take you out to the point of a small jetty.

Having a beautiful seaside moment isn’t exclusive to Abama. Anyone can get here by leaving their car in the hotel car park and walking down. Ten minutes along the road or via the stairs will see you at the entrance to Playa Abama beach.

Because it is a protected area, bathers are obliged to comply with some regulations, including the prohibition of jet skis, ball games, animals off lead, fishing, and picnicking. Nor can you ride a motorcycle or bicycle in the vicinity. Compliance with these rules helps our beach remain an important environment for the ecosystems of Guía de Isora.

Resort - Abama Beach Tenerife

Once you’re in the cove, you’ll be happy for the presence of the Beach Club. With a relaxed atmosphere and a menu of Mediterranean tapas and fresh drinks, you’ll be able to spend a good day sunbathing without having to go anywhere else. The deckchair and hammock service, exclusively for Abama Resort guests, is also a visitor favorite.

The next time you head down to Abama Beach Tenerife you’ll appreciate this privileged space even more. Your relaxation and enjoyment are guaranteed in a space designed to serve all your needs while still maintaining the environmental purity and the high standards that distinguish every part of Abama Resort Tenerife.