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Abama's tournament continues at Keerbergen and Millennium Golf

We’re now almost midway through the 8 tournaments that make up the Diamond Challenge 2016, and delighted to report that the players’ and organisers’ enthusiasm continue to make this series of luxury golf events a success.

The Diamond Challenge 2016 is a tournament taking place this year between March and November that will be circulating through Belgium’s most prestigious golf courses and concluding with a final round at Abama Resort on November 4th. This is the first multi-part tournament that Abama Luxury Residences has sponsored abroad.

A few weeks ago we reported on the very popular opener, and now we’re pleased to have completed our second and third events, at the Keerbergen and Millennium Golf Clubs, respectively.

The event at Keerbergen was a wonderful opportunity for us to return to an exciting and familiar course, where a delightful day of play was capped with a ceremony for the winners and a presentation of Abama Resort.

The Millennium Golf Club tournament took place in Paal-Beringen on the 8th of May and welcomed 60 players, who enjoyed a day whose weather seemed to be imported from Tenerife!
Next up will be the competition in Palingbeek Golf & Country Club, Ypres, on the 28th of June.