Abama strengthens its support for Spanish charities

Abama’s concept of sustainability extends beyond the natural to include social and economic concerns that have brought us into contact with numerous Spanish charities on Tenerife. Every year we work towards specific goals defined by our Abama Green Team in concert with the local government and other organizations on the island, striving to support our community in all the ways we can.

Abama Solidaria is the organization we have established to channel our work with Spanish charities and the Guía de Isora government. During the pandemic, we supported projects defined by the Social Welfare and Education departments of the municipality to help children whose families had been hit hardest by the health crisis. And now, in 2021, we will be launching drives throughout the year for various projects that are important in the area.

Currently, we are collecting donations for food and hygiene products for vulnerable families. This is an incredibly important initiative on the island because there are still many families that are not able to adequately support themselves. The drive is open for contributions until the 13th of June, 2021. You can learn how to donate on the Abama Solidaria page.

Once this drive closes, we will be launching a new drive to collect funds for Ámate Tenerife, which supports breast cancer patients and their families. Your help is fundamental to ensuring the strength of the entire community! We hope you will join us.

Las Terrazas de Abama, Abama Golf, and the resort as a whole are also participating in many other initiatives together with Spanish charities to maintain important facets of Tenerife’s environment and culture. You can read more about these on our Sustainability page. When in search of sustainable homes, it’s crucial to look not only at the homes themselves and the way they are constructed, but the way their location has integrated itself into the community and acts as a force for positive change.