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Ancient healing practices underpin the 2023 Abama Wellness Weekends

After a wonderful program in 2022, the Abama Wellness Weekends are back, this year taking as our theme the ancient healing practices of Ayurveda. Each one of the four weekends in 2023 will be based on one of the four life goals that draw the map of human life. Expert yogis will lead our owners and guests in a series of sessions designed to help balance body and mind.

Every Abama Wellness Weekend gives participants the opportunity to craft a program for themselves that fits with their weekend plans and with the level of intensity of activity they are seeking. Our experts lead a session on Friday morning, two on Saturday, and one on Sunday morning. You can choose to join all or only a select number of the sessions, and they are complimentary for those staying at the Abama Hotels or at their own property. Whether you want a mini wellness retreat or just a quick session to start one of your mornings, we will welcome you to our outdoor practice in the Abama Event Garden.

This year we have asked our yogis to build their practices around the four life goals, Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha, that define the choices we make in our lives.

Dharma – 10th-12th of February

Dharma means “duty” and it refers to the set of constraints and expectations we are born into. Studying, working, caring for our loved ones, and establishing a role for ourselves in society all form part of this duty.

Artha – 7th-9th of April

Artha is the accumulation of wealth, and this Wellness Weekend will allow us to focus on our relationship with money and with our definition of “wealth”. It is an opportunity to explore your idea of security and how it is tied to this wealth, as well as to examine the ways in which Artha has affected your choices.

Kama – 27th-29th of October

Kama is the concept of pleasure and desire. Once we have attended to our duties and secured our financial lives, we can indulge in the pleasures and desires to which we are attracted. This Abama Wellness Weekend will allow you to ponder your choices in this arena, and their consequences.

Moksha – 15th-17th of December

Moksha means “liberation”, and it is a goal that not everyone reaches in life. After pursuing duty, wealth, and pleasure, we must ultimately be able to let all these things go in order to achieve true freedom and oneness with the self.

At Abama, we are always looking for new ways to help you incorporate Wellness into your life. This year, let the ancient healing practices of Ayurveda be your guide, bringing you back into equilibrium and renewing your energies.