Discover Tenerife, one of the best warm winter destinations

With a stable temperature throughout the year, it’s time to add Tenerife to your list of warm winter destinations. On this Spanish island, the largest in the Canary archipelago, mid-December to mid-April is considered the cool season, but with temperatures ranging between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, it’s positively balmy when compared with the cold and precipitation of northern Europe. For many tourists, then, this is the best season for secret escapes to Tenerife, combining telecommuting to fulfill their work commitments with outdoor leisure activities during daylight hours. And when summer arrives and they want to head south again, they’re already familiar with this incredible holiday destination.

Una temperatura estable

“Mild” is the most apt adjective when describing the weather in Tenerife. With average temperatures of around 25ºC in summer and 18ºC in winter, this part of the Canary archipelago is known as the "Island of Eternal Spring." The trade winds condense the humidity at low altitudes, making for warm temperatures every month. At the same time, the island’s mountainous orography and protected natural areas offer quite different microclimates depending on your location. Whether you love volcanic desert landscapes or green forests, you’ll find them on Tenerife.  

Playing golf with an ocean breeze

Located in the southwest of the island of Tenerife, Abama Resort’s microclimate gives us an average temperature of 21ºC year-round. Our strategic location lets us enjoy the best of the trade winds and the anticyclones of the Azores, meaning that of all the microclimates on the island, Abama’s is the most favored. In addition to preserving the essence of the volcanic nature of the island, the resort has more than 25,000 palm trees that sway in the sea breeze over our entire golf course. At Abama, golf is a pleasure at any time of the year.

Diving in winter

With more than 60 certified dive sites, in Tenerife you can practice recreational or professional diving and even freediving without having to make seasonal plans. In the winter months, the water reaches an average temperature of 19 degrees and in summer, 26 degrees. The clear waters provide visibility up to 25 meters below sea level, and a wide range of boating companies and guides will lead you to the most suitable dive sites for your skill level. For advanced divers, seeing the black coral typical of these volcanic islands is a unique experience.

A quiet day at the beach

Without the crowds of summer, the winter months are perfect for heading to the beach and relaxing. A cocktail, a book or a playlist are the ideal accompaniment for your moment to yourself. Whether with a partner or the whole family, you’ll find that Playa Abama, a protected cove of golden sand and calm waters, will reenergize you. And if you want to keep exploring, Playa San Juan awaits you just an eight-minute drive from the resort. The landscapes of our municipality, Guía de Isora, and the serenity of its beach experiences will guarantee you the perfect day of sun in this warm winter destination.

Hiking among the cliffs

Stimulating and challenging, a good walk can be the perfect plan for a winter morning in Tenerife. There are many routes for hikers open practically all year round, but one of our favorites for Costa Adeje holidays is the La Caleta-Playa Paraíso route. You’ll travel along the coastline through yellow sandy coves, explore small fishing villages, see the deep greens of the banana plantations, and visit some of the most important tourism sites in the area.

If you’re looking for warm winter destinations that don’t require you to leave Europe, the Island of Eternal Spring is one of the best options. Your unforgettable Tenerife holidays will help you carry our pleasant outdoor temperatures back with you to colder climates, and the memory of your experience will keep you warm for the rest of the winter.