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Experience the Tenerife Carnival, a spectacular celebration

With the Christmas festivities behind you and some months of winter ahead, if you feel like you need to get out and dance, turn your sights to the Tenerife Carnival. As an owner at Abama Resort, you are probably already aware of the many benefits of living in a privileged enclave like the Canary Islands archipelago, especially when it comes to the climate. It’s true that the summers are spectacular and the exotic landscape turns the island of Tenerife into the perfect destination for the warmer months. But if there’s one thing that no other luxury resort in Europe can assure you, it is a warm, mild winter that will let you derive maximum enjoyment from the best Tenerife festival: the Tenerife Carnival.

You could eat breakfast in your kitchen in the northern climes in the morning and in less time than it takes to pack your bag, be enjoying the flavour and the Latin rhythms of Carnival in Tenerife. The Santa Cruz Carnival is the second-most-popular Carnival celebration in the world after Rio de Janeiro, and that alone should make it obligatory among trips in Tenerife at least once in your lifetime. Every year hundreds of thousands of people descend on the capital of Tenerife to immerse themselves in the rhythm, colours, luxury and spectacle that fill the streets of the city. Because why fly all the way to Brazil when you can enjoy a tropical paradise here on the continent?

In 2019, Carnival begins on Wednesday, the 27th of February with the emblematic Carnival Queen Gala. If you can make it to your luxury home on Tenerife during these dates, it is absolutely worth organizing a trip to Santa Cruz to experience the festival for yourself. Just an hour away by car, this spectacular event filled with opulence and glamour is held in the International Congress Centre, where the candidates carry more than 170 kg of fantasy and sparkle onto the stage. In fact, the costumes are so heavy that a frame with wheels attached is required to wear them.

After the spectacular opening gala, every day is filled with street festivities, dance, comparsas, electronic music, and themed parades. Whether the Anunciadora Parade on Friday, the 1st of March, the Rhythm and Harmony parade on Saturday the 2nd, or the Apoteosis del Coso on Tuesday the 5th of March, with which the Carnival concludes, you’ve plenty of reasons to leave your Abama Resort property and head to the city.

If you do decide to join the party and enjoy the varied Tenerife activities, pick a good costume! With just a pinch of imagination, large numbers of sequins and an unhealthy amount of glitter, you will fit right in at any of the parties throughout the festival. So take a few days of well-deserved rest and spend them in your luxury home in Tenerife. You can enjoy the mild Canary Island winter and the must-see Tenerife Carnival Festival. The summer is made to be enjoyed, but at Abama Resort, the winter is too! Explore the rest of our blog if you're looking for what to do in Tenerife.