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The first Real Estate and Construction Forum in the Canary Islands

On June 1st, 2023, Abama will host the first edition of the Real Estate and Construction Forum in the Canary Islands. The event, organized in concert with consulting firm Arum Group, will be held in the Abama Event Garden and welcome some of the top players in the sector from the archipelago. Attendees will include public bodies, industry associations, construction and development firms, real estate brokers and media that will come together at this invite-only event to discuss Tenerife property market trends and other particularities and challenges facing the sector as a whole on the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands is perceived as one of the best places to invest in property by foreign buyers seeking holiday homes for sale in Spain. Over the past few years, it has become the second-most popular Spanish region for foreigners to buy homes. Receiving nearly 24% of these investments, it trails only the Balearic Islands. But this boom comes in the context of the Canaries taking an intensified interest in how growth and development happens on the islands. With islands like Tenerife having unique and spectacular ecosystems to protect, and having witnessed the mistakes of other coastal destinations, hard sustainability lines have been drawn to ensure the Canaries remain a paradise in the long term.

These and other topics are some that will be touched upon in the two sessions of the Real Estate and Construction Forum. The first panel will take a look at new client profiles, new products, and advances in the promotion of products in the luxury real estate sector. Speakers include Constanza Maya, the Director of Operations for Engel & Völkers for Spain, Portugal and Andorra; Carlos Pereira Guerra, the Sales Director for Von Poll Real Estate in South Tenerife; Pilar Jiménez, the Director of Market Analytics for the platform Idealista; Jesús Martín López-Samaniego, the President of COAPI Tenerife; and Mikita Staselka, the CEO and Founder of the Stellanella Investment & Development Company.

The second panel will focus on the major challenges currently facing the construction and development industries on the island, and will cover issues related to the current economic climate, sustainability, and innovation. We are happy to be able to welcome as panelists Óscar Izquierdo Gutiérrez, the President of FEPECO and of the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Arsenio Pérez Amaral, the Co-Founder of Corona-Amaral Arquitectura, one of the firms that has been responsible for major public and private projects on the island; Miguel Ángel Amérigo Revuelta, the Corporate Director of R&D and Innovation for the OHLA Group; and Miguel Segarra Martínez, the R&D and Innovation Department Head for DRAGADOS and the Vice President of the ECTP.

We look forward to this fascinating and sure-to-be informative first edition of the Real Estate and Construction Forum specific to the Canary Islands, one of the top hotspots for foreign buyers when it comes to property for sale in Spain.