Join the breast cancer support efforts at Ámate Tenerife

This month we are very happy to announce Abama Solidaria’s new drive to benefit breast cancer support organization Ámate Tenerife. This truly incredible non-profit was established 15 years ago by a group of breast cancer survivors, and its mission is to help patients and their families. While the medical and nursing teams on the island do excellent work, the needs of breast cancer patients (and their families) go far beyond treatment of the disease itself. Ámate Tenerife’s founders came together to offer these support services, and they have been eagerly embraced not only by citizens on Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera, and El Hierro, but also by municipal governments all over the islands.

Ámate first makes contact with patients and their families in hospitals and ambulatory facilities while they are receiving their treatments. They have dedicated teams of psychologists and former patients with specialized training who know what patients are experiencing and the degree to which their lives have been suddenly changed. They can help them confront their fears and concerns and feel less overwhelmed by events over which they have very little control.

One of the organization’s chief objectives is to help patients feel less alone. Breast cancer support is a long journey and Ámate is there through it all, including the secuelae of treatment, whether psychological or physical. In addition to the several psychologists on staff, there are two social workers who can help fill out paperwork for taking extended leave from your job or getting other benefits intended for people with illnesses. There is also a physiotherapist who can help especially with lymphatic drainage, which is a common problem for patients who have had lymph nodes removed. Many patients suffer severe damage to their hair, skin, and nails from their cancer treatments as well, and there are staff at Ámate that are trained oncology beauty technicians who can help. And finally, the team includes a nutritionist and a fitness expert, who lead activities for patients like Pilates and yoga, as well as activities for family members. Altogether, there are 19 staff members, the majority of whose salaries are funded by public grant funds.

Ámate is wherever patients need them to be. They will visit patients in their homes, go to hospitals and care centers, and they are present at many local open-air markets and events, getting the word out to the general public that these breast cancer support services are available to whomever needs them. While patients are in treatment, all of Ámate Tenerife’s services are free. And after treatment, Ámate only asks that patients become members of the organization, with a yearly minimum fee of €40, which is waived for patients with serious financial difficulties.

Please join us in supporting one of the most important Spanish charities on the island. This month Abama Solidaria has opened a new drive for donations, and all proceeds will go to Ámate Tenerife’s breast cancer support services. Developing sustainable homes means going beyond care for the environment; Abama aims to stand behind the community of Tenerife as well. And the fight against breast cancer, which touches us all, is an important place to start. Visit the Abama Solidaria page and donate today!