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Ocean-view properties in Spain

Imagine waking every morning to the sound of the waves and an infinite blue horizon; our ocean-view properties in Spain stimulate the senses and promote wellness and self-discovery. The immense pleasure of living near the ocean is a draw for many, as is obvious from the growing demand in the coastal and island real estate sector. But finding the right combination of quality properties and respect for the surrounding natural environment is a greater challenge.

On the island of Tenerife, the pleasant temperatures and ease of travel to and from the main European capitals are factors that attract many buyers in search of a second home. But it is the government’s commitment to the conservation of its natural resources and its rejection of mass tourism that have made Tenerife a privileged destination. At Abama, owners enjoy ocean-view properties in Spain without bustle or crowds. It is a tranquil place to which to retreat, contemplate the future, enjoy authentic local traditions, and explore the unparalleled marine ecosystem of the Franja Marina Teno-Rasca.

Relaxation and wellness

Those who search for houses for sale in Spain on the beach are looking to invest in their overall wellbeing. Not only do the ocean breeze, the sand beneath your feet, and the waves relax body and mind; you’ll also reap other scientifically proven benefits. The sound of the sea is a white noise that can help increase your alpha waves and therefore your quality of sleep. Oxygen levels by the sea are also higher than inland, which helps reduce stress and body tension.

Physical activity

Contact with nature is a great incentive for physical activity, and many who decide to buy luxury apartments in Tenerife South have made their decision based on our singular natural environment. From a calm walk along the coast to extreme watersports, the sea offers a broad range of possibilities that include swimming, surfing, diving, and more. Those who prefer to remain on land can also enjoy the ocean as a backdrop while practicing other outdoor activities like golf or tennis.


Local gastronomy

The coastal communities of Tenerife often surprise visitors with the richness of their gastronomy. A great defender of its local products, the island promotes luxury tourism that takes sustainability as the path to supporting the environment and its communities. You’ll find local restaurants proudly offering their traditional recipes as a crucial part of the heritage they want to preserve. So, too, do the menus of our Michelin-starred and haute cuisine restaurants use local products to showcase the unique flavor of the island.

Authentic traditions

We are fortunate to live in an archipelago that has taken great care to preserve its lifestyle, and where traditions are an asset. Living here allows you to be part of a diverse and vibrant community with impressive religious festivals like Corpus Christi in La Orotava or the colorful and joyful Tenerife Carnival. It’s authentic local culture you can be part of, while simultaneously being just a few steps away from the best beaches in Tenerife.

Investment that makes sense

The demand for properties near the beach in Tenerife continues to grow and the real estate market is reacting. Abama Resort Tenerife, a pioneer in the sector, enjoys a privileged location in the southwest with a stable, mild climate throughout the year. Having your own luxury apartment or independent villa will make it easy for you to connect with the sea whenever you wish. And when you’re away from your second home, our in-house maintenance and management teams will protect your property.

Quality of life and harmony with nature in its purest state are some of the advantages of our ocean-view properties in Spain. And on an island as special as Tenerife, dominated by the Atlantic Ocean, the best coastal property for sale is accompanied by the unparalleled gastronomic, sport, leisure and wellness offer of Abama Resort.