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Sandára Wellness & Spa, Abama: a new top Tenerife spa

March 2024 will bring with it one of the most highly anticipated openings in recent Abama history: the launch of Sandára Wellness & Spa, Abama, in Plaza Abama, which we're confident will soon be named among the finest Tenerife spas. We’ve had a top team of Wellness and design professionals working on the space for over two years, and we’re ready to unveil the ultimate retreat-within-a-retreat.

For a sneak peek of what to expect, we sat down with Mari Carmen Hernández, our Spa Director, who comes to the job with an ample portfolio of experiences in the luxury space. Most recently, she was the Spa Director of the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort, and prior to that she was the Spa Manager of The Ritz-Carlton Tenerife, Abama, as well as having held several posts in the executive departments of The Ritz-Carlton Tenerife, Abama, and Tropical Hoteles.

Sandára Spa, which takes its name from a cooling water mint plant that grows in the more humid areas of the Canary Islands, hopes to bring this same sensation of refreshment and purification to every guest who walks through its doors.

Its 450 square meters will include six treatment rooms - among them two doubles -, a hair and nail salon, and a water circuit with stunning views of the resort. A hydrotherapy pool, bi-thermic and bucket showers, a sauna, and a steam bath are some of the features of the circuit.

With an enveloping interior design by Alejandro Escudero, Sandára Spa, Abama promises to soon become another of Abama’s most beloved spaces.

Tell us a bit about the philosophy behind this spa. What sets it apart from others?

Sandára Spa, Abama, will stand out particularly for its selection of treatments, because we’ve tried to satisfy the needs of everyone who visits a Wellness center. This means we have an ample offer of massages, from the holistic and relaxing designed for physical and emotional balance to therapeutic recovery and sport massages for the many sport enthusiasts who stay at Abama to play golf, tennis, or engage in another physical activity.

Our Tenerife spa has an extensive menu of facial and body treatments that cover every type of requirement, offered by Anne Semonin, one of the major luxury cosmetic brands available in the top international hotels. A select and renowned brand used on the major fashion runways, Kevin.Murphy, will be in our salon, along with CND, one of the leading brands in the manicure and pedicure sector.

And, of course, our water circuit is the perfect place to relax before or after a treatment, since the benefits of water are legion.

What role does a spa play in the modern resort?

Going to a spa in a luxury resort means far more than getting a massage or relaxing; it’s an immersive experience.

Spas have gone from being a complementary offer in resorts to being a space in high demand. The pace of life in our society subjects us to multiple stressors and more and more we need these kinds of breaks to focus on ourselves, relax, and forget about what’s going on outside. 

People come to spas with many different objectives, like relieving tension, improving their aesthetic appearance, eliminating toxins, or enjoying a romantic escape. It’s not just the physical benefits people are after, though. Achieving proper muscle relaxation and a notable improvement in physical pain is certainly important, but it’s principally the psychological benefits of taking time for yourself that have lasting power. 

We're looking forward with great anticipation to the grand opening of Sandára Wellness & Spa, Abama, and we're sure that in addition to significantly enhancing Abama's Wellness offer, it will soon be recognized as the top Tenerife spa.