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Resort community life in 2020: those who stay

There’s a confirmed trend this year among prospective buyers and members of our resort community at Abama: all are reconsidering their priorities in a home, whether primary or secondary. For some this means having more space, for some it means having access to a private garden or pool, for others it means looking at the leisure options available.

For everyone, there is a new general question to answer: is this a place I could live if my movements were limited?

Earlier this year, some 30 of Abama’s owners chose to spend lockdown at their second homes in our resort community. Hailing from a variety of different countries, professions, and ages, they had nonetheless made the same decision. Curious about the reasons, we spoke with one Irish couple in their forties about their choice to remain at Abama rather than return to their primary residence, and their experience in general during these strange times.

Their reasons were many, but in answer to our question about whether there was one overall driver of their decision, they said, “In Ireland, we live in the middle of a city, without a garden, and we believed that, given the situation, we would benefit from the tranquility of the atmosphere at Abama.”

It’s a sentiment we’ve heard echoed by many of our owners. They’ve also relayed that there was a real feeling of resort community here, rather than isolation, throughout the confinement. It’s something we’re very happy to hear, because our entire team made our owners’ comfort their top priority through the communication and actions of our Abama Prestige Owners’ Club and the team at Las Terrazas.

Is there one outstanding reason you chose to stay here during the lockdown?

In Ireland, we live in the middle of a city, without a garden, and we believed that, given the situation, we would benefit from the tranquility of the atmosphere at Abama. The views, the climate, and the private outdoor space we have here are all added benefits.

Has the experience of lockdown left you feeling isolated?

To be honest, we didn’t have physical contact with anyone outside our nuclear family during lockdown, but there’s a WhatsApp group here at the resort that kept everyone feeling connected. The Owner Relations team at Abama were also quick to answer the telephone and help us with whatever we needed.

Our extended family is large and scattered all over the world, but all the new forms of communication keep us connected. Oddly enough, with all the downtime on our hands during the lockdown and with these channels of communication available, we were more connected than ever because we made more efforts to communicate.

Did you do homeschooling with your children?

Yes, it was all by videoconference. Thanks to our excellent Internet connection here, it wasn’t a problem. This was actually one of the positives of the lockdown for me: I felt more connected to and involved in my daughter’s education, and that was great.

Were there any major takeaways for you from the experience, or new habits you developed?

The situation certainly reminded us of how dependent we have become on the ability to move quickly. We were aware when we decided to stay at Abama that if something happened to someone in our family, we wouldn’t be able to travel there. But on the other hand, as I said, we benefit from no longer having to travel in order to be in contact with our loved ones.

We’re quite good at social distancing now! And of course we are still trying to follow all the recommendations to keep ourselves and others healthy. Despite more frequent trips to the fridge during lockdown, I did begin to pay more attention to keeping myself in shape and exercising. And this has really become a global experience that we can all share and support each other in. We’re keeping better tabs on the people we care about.

Here at Abama Luxury Residences, we are proud that owners like this Irish couple have begun to feel a part of a real resort community rather than simply owners of a luxury house that's nice to visit on holidays. It is our ultimate goal to keep attracting interesting residents who give Abama the lively ambiance we seek.