Tenerife fruit: Pitahaya or Dragon Fruit

A shot of sugar water rich in vitamins and low in calories, pitahaya is a refreshing Tenerife fruit ideal for enjoying at your exclusive residence this summer. Fall in love with the shades of the red variety’s attractive color and the sweet flavors of the yellow variety. Also known as dragon fruit for its resemblance to the characteristic dragons of Chinese culture, this cactus plant stands out for its antioxidant properties that keep skin looking beautiful. Discover its untold benefits and how to incorporate them into your diet this summer in salads, drinks, or desserts.

Native to Latin American countries like Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru, pitahaya is becoming more and more popular in western countries, whether the H. triangularis (yellow pitahaya) species or the H. ocamposis (red pitahaya) variety. Though more attractive to the eye, the red variety has less flavour and wears worse in transport, while the yellow species is in high demand for its resistance, health benefits, and the sweet taste it leaves on the palate.

Low in calories because they contain barely any carbohydrates, both species of pitahaya are rich in group B vitamins, potassium, iron, phosphorous, calcium, and, in the case of the red variety, vitamin C. Made up of 85% water, more than half of this Tenerife fruit is edible. The pulp and the rind are rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, which help in cellular regeneration and protect against maladies like skin cancer. The seeds contain essential oils that improve, for example, nutrients’ progress through the intestine. Considered a heart tonic that complements treatments for arrhythmias or to alleviate stress, a balm from the plant is also used for healing wounds. And don’t forget about the properties that make it great for shampoo, effectively fighting dandruff, and in the alleviation of headaches.

To eat dragon fruit, simply cut it and enjoy the pulp, seeds included. Thanks to its sweet flavour, the yellow variety can be eaten alone or as an intriguing ingredient in salads, ice cream, marmalades, or yogurts. As the red stands out primarily for its color, it is often used as an attractive garnish for desserts or to accompany refreshments and cocktails. Two varieties, infinite possibilities.

If you decide to incorporate this Tenerife fruit into your diet, just one serving a week will help you not only strengthen your defences against any type of sickness or infection, but also eliminate fat more efficiently and maintain your ideal weight. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore all the possibilities offered by red pitahaya and yellow pitahaya at your exclusive residence in Tenerife. Abama Resort’s own exoticism will be the perfect complement to this unique Tenerife food.