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The Abama Resort Kids Camp sets up for 2024

Since 2018, the magical space next to our Abama Event Garden has been the home of the Abama Resort Kids Camp, where entertainment and education meet in a lush outdoor-indoor area designed to awaken the imaginations of 4-14 year olds. While their parents enjoy the holidays of their dreams, children do too. 

The experienced educator behind the Kids Camp’s varied and attractive program is Director Susana Budé, who is always on the lookout for new ways to bring the culture and nature of Tenerife into the lives of children in ways that will inspire. We asked her how she comes up with all these great ideas and what we can look forward to at the Kids Camp in 2024.

How do you develop the new program at the Kids Camp every year?

The Kids Camp program depends on the hotel occupation at that moment, so it changes every year depending on when the children have their holidays. We offer fun and educational activities throughout the year, but when it’s high season or the hotel is fully booked, we design activities around a theme we create for that period. During high season we’ll also do excursions and evening activities, which makes the Kids Camp a very engaging experience for our little explorers.

What are some of the most popular activities?

The most popular are usually our science activities, the cooking workshops, and football. But we offer the children a full range of activities and they’re always open to experimenting and learning.

How do you manage such a wide range of ages?

With a lot of flexibility and improvisation! But it’s what makes the Kids Camp a great place to return to, even if you’ve been before, or haven’t been for many years. As instructors, it’s what gives our job life. We have an activity plan prepared for every single day, but it’s our job to adapt them to the group we have and make sure every child can enjoy something appropriate for his or her age.

What can we look forward to at the Kids Camp in 2024?

One new thing to look forward to is that we’ll be open every day for 8 hours. This past year, during low season, when the children were in school, the Abama Resort Kids Camp was only open for 4 hours a day from 9 - 13h. This year, by demand of many clients, we’ll have fixed hours from 9 - 17h throughout the year, and we’re very much looking forward to launching a set of brand-new activities.