Abama Resort's La Plaza: a €14 million investment

If you’ve recently been at Abama and wondered about the large edifice going up in the middle of the resort, today we’ll tell you a bit about La Plaza. This gathering, dining, and commercial hub, into which a total of €14 million will be invested, will also contain the social club, lobby, and pool facilities of our two newest residential communities. Designed by award-winning architects Virgilio Gutiérrez and Eustaquio Martínez, with interior design by the equally lauded Alejandro Escudero, La Plaza’s spectacular plans on paper are already coming to life.

Architects Gutiérrez and Martínez are the professionals behind our Bellevue villas, named “Best new build homes of the decade” by the College of Architects of Tenerife, La Gomera and El Hierro in 2018. More recently, they are the authors of our Las Villas del Tenis, whose first units have already been delivered, and they were also the team behind the design of the new Tenerife North airport, as well as other prominent public works on the island.

Construction has been well underway at La Plaza for some time, as you can see in the photos below, but we can now announce that by the end of 2022, we will be able to use some of its facilities.

The reception and lounge area for Los Jardines de Abama and Las Villas del Tenis, as well as the solarium and pool area that serves the two communities, will be the first parts of the complex to open their doors. The pool restaurant and the open-air promenade, as well as a second restaurant one floor above the solarium, will also be ready in the fourth quarter of 2022. Abama residents and guests will get their first views of the ocean and the resort from La Plaza as they take a stroll, enjoy a cocktail, or take a dip in the pool. 

All the interior design of the restaurants and reception and pool areas has been entrusted to Alejandro Escudero. This renowned Mexican architect and interior designer is best known for creating a sense of natural luxury in all his spaces. He likes to use whole, textured materials like stone and wood, pairing them with natural fibers that lend comfort and timelessness to his projects. Escudero is behind the stunning Nizuc Resort & Spa in Cancún, Mexico.

The second phase of La Plaza will offer additional facilities and dining options. A full fitness center will be installed on the first floor, and a third restaurant on the ground floor. The floor below that will become the home of the highly anticipated La Plaza spa. Its offer will include massage rooms, a water circuit, a salon, and more. And finally, this phase will also see the opening of the Coffee Corner, which will serve sandwiches, ice cream, and other light fare on its outdoor terrace. The aforementioned facilities will be ready for use in the 4th quarter of 2023.

As construction progresses and the final interiors are approved, we are getting very excited to inaugurate the first elements of La Plaza. The life it will bring to this central part of the resort is bound to be significant, and its indoor and outdoor design unlike anything else in the south of Tenerife. We have no doubt that it will lend even more character to our unique Abama Resort Tenerife and complement our modern house design.

Abama Resort La Plaza Commercial center

La Plaza at Abama Resort