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Abama’s electric golf buggies: one of the perks of our golf experience

One of the mainstays of the Abama Golf experience has always been our Club Car electric golf buggies. With an elevation change of over 15% from the foot to the head of our 6,200-meter Abama golf course, our jaw-dropping views come at the price of a serious workout. Fortunately, that’s where our electric golf buggies come in. Not only do they save our players’ energy for the moments that matter; they also have a host of other lovely features to make your golf day brilliant.

Lightweight aluminium bodies and best-in-class suspension are paired with SportDrive™ power steering to offer a smooth ride through the Abama hills, and they come equipped with a personal water cooler and a GPS system with information about each hole. The overall sustainability of the Abama Golf program has always been of utmost concern to the resort, hence the choice of these electric vehicles for the use of all the hotel guests who wish to play golf.

Electric golf buggies at Abama Golf

Our supplier, Rivercan, has been with us since the beginning, providing buggies first for the fleet at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama, and then for Las Terrazas de Abama Suites and Los Jardines de Abama Suites after their openings. It’s a company in which we have great faith, thanks to their steady operation since 2003 among Canary Islands golf resorts, and their connection as a subsidiary of RIVERSA, which has been in operation in Malaga for 50 years. Our confidence in them has spread to our owners as well, many of whom have bought their personal golf buggies from this company that represents a full portfolio of golf brands including Club Car, Toro, Standard Golf, Sisis, Avant, Greenmech, Leguan, Ego, Egholm, Solem, Irridea and several others. Rivercan has also been the source of almost all the mowing and cutting vehicles in use by the Abama Golf team for the maintenance of our course.

If you’re a golf enthusiast, sooner or later you’ll get the chance to enjoy the premium electric golf buggies at your disposal and see why our golf experience is like no other. The best golf resorts are those where every aspect of your day has been taken into account, from arrival to that long-awaited post-round cocktail on the terrace overlooking the ocean. And that’s Abama Golf to a tee.