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Custom Pilates classes with our personal trainer

An expert in creating custom Pilates classes and personalized training programs, Raquel González is our in-house Wellness expert and loves to share her passion for maintaining a body-mind balance and finding the perfect exercises for each client.

Our personal trainer at Abama Resort Tenerife and Las Terrazas de Abama Suites for three years, Raquel offers yoga, Pilates classes and hatha yoga sessions tailored to the particular needs and fitness level of each of her students. She’s met with great success among our Abama Residences owners and Abama Hotels guests because of the flexible nature of her classes. Her students can enjoy a session in the privacy of their apartments or in open sessions by the pool, and come away not only feeling healthier but also with a catalogue of new exercises to practice at home. An integral part of our Abama Wellness Week agendas and the coordinator of the Abama FIT + Yoga program, Raquel sat down with us to explain more about her work and why it is so important to include Wellness activities in any hotel activity calendar.

What is the FIT + Yoga program that you coordinate at Abama?

We have been at Las Terrazas de Abama Suites and Abama Tenerife for three years offering Wellness services like Pilates classes, yoga and personal training for owners and guests with discounts beginning with the first session. We create packages, we adapt ourselves to each client and we are always improving the list of what we offer.

Do you think that Wellness is an important aspect of what a resort offers?

Yes, of course. 100%. These days, Wellness programs are essential for any type of resort or hotel because they relate to the client's health. Even – or maybe especially - on vacation, all of us need to have options for sports, spa, massages, natural beauty treatments, and so on.

Why do you think the demand for yoga classes has increased so much?

Yoga training helps us to face whatever life situation we find ourselves in because part of each session addresses our inner spirituality. And with the added stress of the pandemic and everything related to it, people need a calming influence to recenter themselves and release that stress and anxiety.

What is the most common client request at Abama?

Throughout these three years, the most common request from guests of Las Terrazas de Abama Suites and the Abama residences have been Pilates classes focused on strength training and rehabilitation. There is also a bit of personal training and yoga, but 80% of our clients are seniors who are looking for Pilates or some variation of Pilates to improve mobility and an overall sense of well-being.

Convinced that “Yoga can take us on a journey of discovery through the body, mind and heart,” Raquel is an inspiring teacher and one committed to helping each of her clients get the best from their time with her. The healthy habits and personalized Pilates classes that have become her hallmark over the past decade can be just the beginning of your wellness journey at Abama and with Raquel. Follow her on social media anywhere she goes and continue to learn and grow: @raquel_training.