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Perelada supports cultural traditions at the Abama Owners Cup

True to its commitment to cultural traditions, Perelada & Chivite is using its sponsorship of the Abama Owners Cup to support the traditional music of Tenerife. Sounds that have survived for centuries will generate new sensations in our residents at our Gala Dinner, thanks to the interpretations of contemporary musicians perpetuating the island's legacy.

Perelada's strong support for local culture is part of this year's Back to the Roots concept, strengthening our bonds with the history and the land of the Canary Islands. We have brought together talented professionals of international renown. Among the invited artists are Pedro Izquierdo, master of the Canary Islands timple, an indigenous five-string instrument derived from baroque guitars; and Francis Pérez, one of the originators of ethnic and Asian fusion music, who often builds his compositions around the Sas, a long-necked Turkish lute.

During the evening, Pérez will give the audience a tour of various natural materials and their essential sounds, a journey that will lead us through instruments such as the gong, quartz bowls, seeds, ceramics, rain sticks, drums and the lithophone. The latter, made with flat stones, was already in use during the time of the Guanches, the first inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

A cultural prestige brand

The close relationship between this Spanish wine company and cultural traditions is not new. It dates back to 1987, when the Castle of Perelada in Catalonia first opened its doors for a festival that has established itself as the most prestigious cultural event of the summer. As part of its corporate social responsibility policies, the Perelada Group focuses on supporting excellence in original music, great composers, and companies and artists with international renown.

The Perelada Festival combines history and art and takes place during the months of July and August in different areas of the Castle. The Auditorium hosts nightly concerts, while the Church and the Cloister are the scenes of recitals, chamber concerts and small-format operas.

An an official sponsor of several Abama Resort events, including our recent win in the Infantas de España 2022 regatta, Perelada & Chivite is a brand with whose priorities we can identify. Its defense of cultural traditions is not only manifested in its work with local communities, but also in its respect for the environment. Its new winery is the first in Europe with a LEED Gold certification, affirming its excellence in sustainability.

Wines of exceptional quality

With five vineyards north of the Empordà, the wines from this Catalan house are nourished by the richness of the soil, made unique thanks to a geographical location between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees swept by the intense Tramuntana winds. But this is not the only area of ​​Spain Perelada & Chivite has marked with its seal of excellence.

With more than 450 hectares of vineyards owned by the company, and more than 320 additional hectares of agricultural activity, the wine company produces a broad collection that includes renowned Denominations of Origin such as Rioja, Terra Alta, Ribera del Duero, Montsant, Rias Baixas, and others. Our trust in the quality of the company's production and our connection with its philosophy are what have led us to stock Perelada & Chivite wines in our Gourmet Shop at Abama Resort and entrust our events to its sponsorship.

The Abama Owners Cup is no exception, and we look forward to an evening of lively cultural traditions and music that we will share with our residents, deepening our understanding of the island we inhabit. Building sustainable homes is about far more than the houses themselves: our social, cultural and environmental surroundings make Tenerife a place that stands alone.