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Tenerife golf courses: 5 shots to practice

If you are a golf aficionado, you will have already confirmed how easy it is to practice your favourite sport on Tenerife golf courses. At Abama we know few people who can resist the call of our Dave Thomas golf course. Its exclusive design, which accommodates both professionals and aficionados, is what makes it exceptional. Also incredible are the views of the ocean that you can enjoy along the full length of the course as you practice all the basic shots that every golfer should master.

As a resident at Abama, you have the best and most select services from our academy at your fingertips. There’s a Clubhouse that offers all the comforts imaginable and a team of professionals at your beck and call, with Sebastian Miller at their head, so that you can improve your game. Take advantage of the benefits of having professional facilities and one of the best Tenerife golf courses just next to your luxury residence and start practicing. Below we give you some advice for improving your handicap.

Every golfer needs to work on his swing, the movement that lets you hit the ball with maximum velocity. But not every shot is alike. A drive is different from an approach is different from a putt, and if you don’t master the various techniques these shots require, you won’t end up under par. To be truly competitive on the course, focus on these 5 shots:

Opening shot

As the name implies, this is the shot that opens your game and is taken from the starting tee. Generally, the club and the force employed depend on the design of the hole and its par, so knowing how to read these things is fundamental to getting your game in line before you arrive on the green.


This is a long-distance shot whose objective is to get close to the green, whether from the tee or the course. Players always use the club called a driver, and a well-executed shot of this type can reach 200 to 300 yards.


This is a shot more for control than distance. It is used to prevent the wind from modifying the trajectory of the ball or preventing the ball from hitting trees on the course. Its execution calls for a shorter swing than normal and a lighter club so the ball doesn’t rise as high, starts out low, and rotates.


As you can guess from the name, it’s a shot designed to bring the ball closer to the green, meaning that the contact between the ball and the club needs to be gentle and controlled. The shot tends to be short, so the iron should be short as well.


This shot is used to try to get the ball into the hole, so it requires a high degree of precision and technical dominance. The ball should roll on the green without leaving the ground. The strength of the shot must be calculated precisely, taking into account any dips or inclines of the course in order to define the correct trajectory. The club used is the putter, the shortest of the lot.

Now that you know where to begin, there are no more excuses. Get ready to head out to this best of Tenerife golf courses every morning and come back to your home with the satisfaction of a day well spent. With discipline and consistency, no one will doubt the quality of your game. You should have something to show for living in one of the best golf resorts in Europe, don’t you think?