Tenerife nature: a landscape wins the World Press Photo Nature Prize

The magnificent Tenerife nature that envelops our luxury resort sometimes obscures realities not visible at first sight. The landscape takes us in and transports us directly to the haven of peace and tranquility that our spirit so sorely needs. But hidden among our seashores are images that remind us that to enjoy these kinds of paradises, we must protect them.

Tenerife nature photographer Francis Pérez has won the prestigious international World Press Photo prize in the Nature category for capturing a moment that highlights environmental issues through photographic protest. This moment, titled “Caretta caretta trapped”, shows a sea turtle wrapped in a fishing net, and it was captured from a whale-watching boat on the south of our island.

The competition chose to showcase the work of this artist whose photography finds inspiration in the deep blue that surrounds the island of Tenerife and who, in his own words, seeks to show the world “the marine life hidden under trash or abandoned tackles.” It was precisely his choice of the Loggerhead Turtle as subject matter that led to the concession of this prize, as this is a species that has been led by human apathy to the edge of extinction throughout the world, but which we are still able to enjoy here in our extraordinary paradise.

As residents of Abama’s luxury villas and apartments accustomed to the enjoyment of this coast’s marine and submarine charms, we are happy that there are people like Francis who remind us that today’s enjoyment shouldn’t come at the expense of Tenerife nature or our children’s future and that, despite the crystal waters that surround us, we can always do something more to help preserve the environment. Though they feel like part of us, these waters aren’t ours, and we must ensure that their riches can be inherited by succeeding generations. Congratulations, Francis, on bringing this crucial part of Tenerife culture to new generations.