Tenerife Travel: Chase the best sunsets in the world

If you're ready to enjoy a bit of Tenerife travel, you can experience some of the most calming and reflective moments of your life near your luxury property. Our fantastic island’s idyllic nature presents itself in every grain of sand on its beaches, and every reflection of the sun in its undulating waves. And among those special moments, we’d be remiss not to mention the sunsets, those inspiring afternoon shows that reach even more incredible heights when viewed from a beautiful beach, a breathtaking lookout, or a unique landscape like the Teide. Don’t miss a single one of our suggestions below, because the best sundowns on Tenerife are at your fingertips from your exclusive home at Abama Luxury Resort.

From the Teide cable car

The magical, near-hypnotic effects of the best sunsets on Tenerife arise from a natural confluence between the sky and the Earth that completely enthralls the senses. And this is the precise effect when you take in the show from the Teide cable car, less than an hour of Tenerife travel from Abama. It’s nearly impossible to decide where to rest your gaze in the face of the impressive islands of La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro rising in the distance and Teide National Park spread out below you, displaying the spectacular geological formations that make it a World Heritage site. The sun slipping over the horizon, the ocean, the clouds…they come together in a unique moment in which you’ll see colours and feel sensations that until now have only come to you in dreams.

From the La Tarta or Chipeque lookouts

A bit further away, at the La Tarta Lookout, you can let your imagination fly at 2,120 metres above sea level, at the highest point of the Orotava Valley. With the island of La Palma on the horizon and extraordinary views of the Teide to boot, you can contemplate the fabulous spectacle of tonalities offered by nature in all its forms, and revive yourself with the breeze and every ray of light that slips over the edge of the Earth.

Another spot where the vegatation of the Orotava Valley takes a starring role, leaving the Teide in the background, is the Chipeque lookout, an hour and a half from Abama. Behind it like a shadow lies the Macizo de Teno, and beyond, the unmistakeable island of La Palma. The result is a natural composition that offers everything you could possibly require for the sunset to become a truly magical moment.

From the cliffs of Los Gigantes

Much closer to Abama Luxury Resort, only 15 minutes away by car, you’ll be stunned by the sundown from the cliffs of Los Gigantes. With the world at your feet, and a drop of up to 600 metres, you’ll want to enjoy the sun and its farewell until the following dawn. The natural wealth of this marvellous enclave is rounded out by the marine depths of some 30 metres, a paradise of paradises both for diving aficionados and deep-sea fishermen.

From the beaches of Jardín, Benijo, or La Arena

We can’t fail to mention the impressive beaches on the island, scattered about your exclusive residence on Tenerife. A different, but equally lovely, place to enjoy the sunset is the area the contemplates Playa Jardín, Playa Chica, and Punta Brava, whose volcanic landscape and spectacular low tides are surrounded by endemic vegetation, waterfalls, and rock caves that will prove the delight of anyone seeking a peaceful and romantic sunset.

Playa Jardín is in Puerto de la Cruz, about an hour from Abama. Even further afield, but no less worthy of the journey, is Benijo Beach, an incomparable corner accessible only by foot after you park your car nearby. With a view of the Roques de Anaga rising out of the water to touch the rays of the sun, this magical place will let you bask in the golden tones of the last natural light of the day.

And right at your feet, just 15 minutes away, is the La Arena Beach, which offers an idyllic panoramic view of the island of La Gomera as the backdrop to its crystal-clear waters. Take a walk along this warm expanse of sand at Puerto Santiago while you enjoy a delightful sunset to beat them all.

Every day offers a new sunset and a new chance to experience natural magic, whether with friends or in a moment of solitude. Choose the perfect Tenerife travel adventure near your luxury property and turn your everyday into a memorable moment. Once you've gotten a taste of the island's wonders, you'll want to explore even more amazing Tenerife destinations.