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The Abama Sound: our new Spotify playlist

Just in time for Christmas, Abama's new Spotify playlist has landed, and we're giving you the gift of Abama, one of the best resorts in Spain, all year long.

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Music’s capacity to transport is legendary, and its impressions indelible, fusing themselves to your brain with a potent bond of emotion and memory. Its capacity to call you back is powerful, too, and to efficiently conjure places and moments you never want to forget. 

Over the last few months, our team has been working with Music Concierge to develop the sound that defines Abama and this unique place we call home: a place of the Canary Islands, of many nations, an oasis by the sea. Our hope is that the final product will capture your senses as completely as it’s captured ours. When here, you’ll hear music in all our Abama Hotel spaces and be able to choose your mood from our In-room Playlists. And when you’ve returned home, you can transport yourself back through our expanding Spotify playlist, weaving another beautiful thread of Abama into your daily life. 

We asked Udi Radomsky, Senior Creative Lead, and Damon Martin, Head of Music at Music Concierge, to answer a couple of questions about the principles that have guided the project:

How do you go about shaping the sound for a destination?

Every destination is different, with its own unique character, and we use our consultation process to dig into the elements of that special character. Inspiration for shaping a property’s sound can come from many sources: audience demographics, interior design, location, and the overall brand, among others.

What were some of the main points of inspiration when you visited Abama for the first time? 

The incredible views had a big impact on me. I remember sitting having breakfast, looking out over the ocean, and thinking how it was vital that the music complemented that experience. The island itself is a major inspiration too. We want to ensure that the music allows guests to feel like they’re somewhere unique and intriguing and not back in Europe.

What does sound contribute to your memories and experience?

Hearing is the sense that affects your experience more than any other. Sound can trigger memories, increase or decrease your heart rate and influence your behaviour. The music curated for Abama is designed to enhance the scene, the mood, and the ambience, contributing to an unforgettable experience. We take the time to create soundtracks that will be memorable and weave in seamlessly with the guest journey, full of surprises and moments of delight.

Check out the new Abama Sound from wherever you are through our linked Spotify playlist below. And the next time you visit us, prepare yourself to experience Abama Resort Tenerife on a whole new level.