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The summer of the Abama Kids Camp

Summer is here, and while the adults in your party are enjoying the pool or a round of golf, there’s only one place you’ll find the children: the Abama Kids Camp. Opened in 2018, the Kids Camp was designed to give children the holidays of their dreams at one of the best resorts in Spain, filled with activities, new friends, excursions, and the wonders of Tenerife.

This inviting space, protected from the sun by our tented cabins, is located in the Abama Stadium, its lush green grass the perfect place for outdoor games and taking in the panoramic views of the ocean. A zip line, garden planters, a sandy area for water play, picnic and ping pong tables, and porches complete the outdoor facilities, while large tables provide room for any indoor activities the children choose.

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“The concept of the Abama Kids Camp,” says Director Susana Budé, “goes beyond what other resorts offer. This is a program in which education and entertainment come together in a program that explores the culture and nature of the island. Free play is good, but children are hungry for knowledge when it’s presented to them in an engaging way.”

Some of the most popular activities have included dinosaur discovery, cooking workshops, learning Canary Islands legends, making volcanoes that erupt, experiments with magnets and electricity, using microscopes, karaoke, learning about Canary Islands animals, and detective games. And though the normal hours of the Kids Camp are daytime ones, special plans are always on the calendar, particularly around half-terms and other school holidays. Excursions to the Las Águilas jungle park and zoo are always popular, as are the astronomy nights where we take advantage of our spectacularly clear skies to find the constellations we’ve learned about, and the Camp Rock nights where the children can sing and perform.

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They end up having a new social experience as well, interacting with many other children between 4 and 14 years of age and from multiple countries. “Our guests speak many different languages, which can be a challenge for the children,” notes Budé, “but it’s also an opportunity. Sharing toys and moments with children of other nationalities gives them first-hand experience with the values that we try to pass on in the Kids Camp: respect, tolerance, and the importance of cultural enrichment.”

The Kids Camp mascot, Guañá, is a type of nocturnal seabird that’s common on the island. She’s the first introduction to the Kids Camp experience, where the children feel like they’re flying just like she does, learning about all the island environments, and a bit about its history and culture. When they go back home, the children know where they’ve been and some of the things that make the island special. A “passport” they receive their first day is where they can log the activities they’ve tried, grouped into categories like wellbeing and the environment; sport; knowledge and culture; and art. It’s a souvenir they can take home with them, or bring back and continue filling out on their next visit to Abama.

Watch for specific upcoming activities on our social media channels and come down to the Abama Kids Camp for a guided visit the next time you visit Abama Resort Tenerife with your family.

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