The Tenerife Butterfly Garden: a day trip for nature enthusiasts

Step into a varied and enchanting world of magic at the Tenerife Butterfly Garden, located in Icod de los Vinos, which houses over 800 butterflies from tropical areas all over the world. Just a short ride from Abama Resort, this is one of those Tenerife excursions you'll never forget. The butterfly park is a wonder to behold and gives you the opportunity to observe and photograph these stunning insects up close! The unique oceanic island climate of Tenerife and its relatively small variation in seasonal temperatures provide the perfect conditions for all different kinds of butterflies at the park to flourish in habitats perfectly suited to each species.

Plants play a pivotal role in the sanctuary. As each of these fragile and delicate creatures needs a specific plant to lay eggs on and for their nutritional needs when caterpillars, the Butterfly Park also boasts a range of tropical flora from countries as far away as Bali, Costa Rica and Thailand. But aside from providing the host plant essential to each caterpillar’s specific survival, there are a range of tropical plants inside the Tenerife butterfly garden chosen for their exquisite appearance as well as flowering plants rich in nectar to feed the butterflies. Don’t forget, as you stroll through this wonderful world of the unique and exotic, that the plant life throughout the park deserves just as much attention as the captivating butterflies.

No trip to the Butterfly Park is the same and as such it provides ample opportunities to see something different during every visit. There is no one perfect time to visit the Butterfly Park as different species are continually reproducing or coming and going. Throughout the year, 150 species are exhibited and they fly freely about in the Tenerife butterfly garden in the conditions that they are used to and without any conflict between species. Ideal for several visits, there is always something new and fascinating to see as the average butterfly lifespan lies within a two-to-three-week range.

Aside from the butterflies themselves, the sanctuary gives you a chance to catch the amazing natural marvel of the lifecycle of a butterfly. Visitors to the Park have the opportunity to observe the biological cycle from eggs to caterpillars to the butterfly emerging from is chrysalis, thus completing one of nature’s most spectacular metamorphoses. The butterflies that do not reproduce in the park arrive from the Philippines, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Belize and Kenya in the chrysalis stage, giving yet another insight into the emergence of the butterfly into the world, as you watch them prepare their wings for first flight. Other behaviour not often seen in the wild is also display, such as courtship flights and mating.

Discovering what to do in Tenerife couldn’t be easier. The whole family can enjoy a day out basking in the beauty of nature and surrounded by hundreds of the world's most beautiful butterflies. The Tenerife butterfly garden is open every day from 10am to 6:30pm, with admission prices ranging from 5€ to 8.50€. Don’t forgot your camera (using flash is permitted) so you can capture inspirational butterfly images, from intricate close-ups to exotic butterflies in flight. There is wheelchair access to the site.