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Wake to incredible sea views on Tenerife

Imagine the window of your bedroom looking onto sea views picture-perfect as a postcard. At Abama Resort, every day of the year is a day to breakfast outdoors with the incredible peace of the Atlantic Ocean. And every evening is an evening to enjoy the sunset over the island of La Gomera. Thanks to the microclimate created by the Trade Winds and the Gulf Stream, you’ll enjoy average annual temperatures of 21ºC and little rainfall. Abama, the best-kept secret on Tenerife, is an exclusive retreat with an impressive biodiversity of flora and fauna, set in an area where 61% of the surroundings are protected nature reserves.

Located in the municipality of Guía de Isora, the resort’s 400 acres have been meticulously planned to take full advantage of the slope of the terrain. At the foot of the resort lies one of the best beaches in Tenerife, Abama Beach, a beautiful protected cove with its own bar and restaurant. And as you head towards the Teide, our residential projects boast staggered designs so each property has the best view possible without obstructing the views of others. Because the landscape is no mere decorative element but a fundamental part of Abama’s design, the residential complexes are carefully spaced to maximize natural light as well.

Las Atalayas

From its bird’s-eye-view at the top of the resort, the ten independent luxury villas that comprise the residential community of Las Atalayas de Abama have privileged views of the island of La Gomera. Large windows and a pool terrace on each property provide excellent light and space to relax while ensuring privacy and comfort. This design by the Corona-Amaral Arquitectos studio has leveraged the natural incline of the land to build houses between 356 and 445 m2 with simple lines of exquisite elegance.

Custom Villas

Located in the higher part of the resort, our Custom Villas begin with plots of over 750m2 to build properties tailored to your dreams. Though each project must comply with some basic principles in the exterior design to maintain the aesthetic harmony of the resort, each villa has its own distribution of interior space. These are sophisticated, large projects that take full advantage of the path of natural light throughout the day and prioritize the impressive views over the Atlantic Ocean, the golf course and the island of La Gomera.

Los Jardines de Abama

A true factor of urban planning at Abama, the topography plays a fundamental role in the design of Los Jardines. The first-line units on the golf course have already been released, and these 48 apartments have been built to maximize the spectacular sea views. Whether it’s the Atlantic Ocean or La Gomera that draws your eye, the horizon opens endlessly from the comfort of your terrace. These are privileged spaces to spend your holidays or even work remotely in a spectacular natural environment. For architect Juan Lima Coderch of the Coderch Urbanismo y Arquitectura studio, the project head, the salient feature of these homes is their perfect integration with the landscape through “large windows, long terraces and sparse lines.” It’s a minimalist proposal, seductive in its modernity and versatility.

Las Villas del Tenis

For award-winning architects Virgilio Gutiérrez Herreros and Eustaquio Martínez, the architects of Las Villas del Tenis, the terraces and gardens of these homes comprise a single setting that links inhabitants closely with their surroundings. This outdoor environment visually flows straight onto the golf course and the open-plan interior space lets natural light into every corner. The community’s green roofs contribute to the thermal insulation of the properties and solar panels contribute to their energy efficiency, making the homes shine for their sustainability while transmitting great aesthetic serenity. These are exquisite villas in which to spend holiday seasons or establish a second residence with breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean.

There’s no doubt that the concept of luxury has changed, and that the surrounding natural elements of a location can elevate architectural proposals to a whole new level. The value of an unbroken horizon cannot be overestimated, and homes with sea views, like those at Abama, are drawing discerning buyers who want a feeling of freedom and oneness with the Earth to permeate every hour of their days. When it comes to coastal property for sale, our Tenerife beach properties are beyond compare.