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Xuan Lan Yoga at Abama Resort

Abama Wellness is putting forth another great initiative in February 2021: an extended visit from Xuan Lan Yoga. This will be a wonderful opportunity for our owners and guests to learn directly from one of Spain’s most popular yoga influencers and enjoy her take on the art of living.

Xuan Lan is best known for her professional online platform that lets viewers bring yoga into their daily lives as it was meant to be practiced. Her calming, educational series are perfect for beginners, and because they are online, you can fit them into your life whenever you need to. She has also written two books.

She’ll be at Abama in the second half of February and will film four episodes of Xuan Lan Yoga Online Studio in Las Terrazas de Abama. She will also offer a one-hour Instagram Live Master Class. And finally, she’ll work on developing a Healthy Menu, as part of her interest in natural therapies, with chef Diego Dato of Melvin restaurant. We’re looking forward to incorporating the result permanently into the menu options at Las Terrazas.

Xuan shared a few of her thoughts with us in preparation for her visit:

What type of space should one choose for practicing yoga?

You should choose a calm place where you won’t be disturbed by noise or other people passing by, and which inspires a good mood and feelings of peace. It can be an interior or exterior space. There should be sufficient room so you can move your body without bumping into objects of walls, but the most important thing is that it is a space where you just feel good.

Can anyone begin to practice yoga as soon as they feel like it, or are there any conditions you should meet before you begin?

If you don’t have any injuries or health issues that would cause complications, any person of any age can begin to practice yoga. But you should choose a practice adapted to your conditions, the shape you’re in, and your personal needs.

Why did you choose Abama Resort for this experience?

I wanted to get out of the city and enjoy a few weeks of holidays in the sun, where I could also concentrate on writing my third yoga book, and there is no better place than the Canary Islands in winter. I had heard of Abama Resort before, though I had never visited, and I knew it was located in a lovely part of Tenerife.

Abama has all the right ingredients to rest, enjoy a few holidays, and also film my yoga classes in an exceptional, privileged environment and be inspired to create content for Studio Online, my online wellness and yoga platform.

We feel very lucky to have the experience of Xuan Lan Yoga at our fingertips this coming February, and it’s a great way to begin the year with a fresh new Abama Wellness offer for our residents and guests.