Resort, Solidarity, Sustainability

Abama Resort Tenerife, committed to sustainable homes

The locus where environment, society and the economy converge, sustainability is one of Abama Resort’s fundamental pillars. The architectural design of our sustainable homes, the management of the golf course, the optimization of resources in our hotels and our commitment to supporting community development are just a few of the avenues along which we are following a conscientious tourism model whose aim is to provide solutions for the protection of the planet and the people that live on it.

This is ongoing work, and our innovative leaders are the Abama Green Team, employees of the resort that volunteer to set sustainable goals each year and decide which social and environmental organizations the resort will collaborate with. We’re fortunate to be located on an island where, thanks to the unique nature of its geography, protected areas, and community-minded residents, there are so many wonderful people and initiatives to join.

Abama Properties, architecture in harmony with the landscape

An official Starlight Tourism Destination, the island of Tenerife has implemented various measures to avoid light pollution and reduce energy consumption in its public buildings. In line with this philosophy, the design of the outdoor lights in Abama's residential complexes comply with all the environmental regulations. Inside our homes, in addition, low consumption LED lights, eco-certified appliances and high-quality materials are used, all of which guarantee high durability, low waste, and sustainability.

Characterized by their refined lines, the architectural design of Abama’s sustainable homes takes advantage of the natural slope of the land to put them in harmony with the landscape and make the most of the natural light that enters through the large windows and terraces. An important generator of jobs in the region, Abama's construction work aims to reduce the transport of resources from other places, choosing to employ natural materials from the island as well as locally sourced additional materials.

Abama Golf meets its environmental challenges

Aware of its potential environmental impact, the Abama Golf course implements different measures to comply with the sector's environmental standards. Its evapotranspiration irrigation system guarantees a minimum discharge of wastewater because the course receives the right water at the right time without the reservoir carrying excess or shortage. Areas that require irrigation are kept to a minimum, and the lake waterfall pumps operate only under a reduced-hours scheme. Additionally, the course uses desalinated water to avoid consuming the water reserves. These solutions are part of the reason Abama Golf holds a UNE-EN ISO 14.001 certificate and has been found to comply with the EMAS Regulations in its periodic audits of compliance with the legal requirements for atmospheric emissions, fire protection system control, correct use of phytosanitary products, correct waste management procedures, and exhaustive inspection regimens, among other measures.

Las Terrazas de Abama Suites: an ecological and local model

The privileged natural environment of the resort is the perfect setting for the sustainable tourism offered by the Las Terrazas de Abama Suites, with exclusive services perfect down to the last detail. Among other policies, the hotel uses paper from certified sustainable forests, organic fertilizers, zero-kilometer ingredients grown without chemical additives and products manufactured in the region. Las Terrazas is also involved in all the Abama Solidaria initiatives and supports different social organizations like the Red Cross and the San Juan Association. Another of its focal points is bird conservation, with a project developed together with the Canary Islands Ornithology Society. Additionally, the hotel is working on the implementation of a sustainable zero-paper room, with compostable coffee capsules and amenities produced by local businesses and artisans. We have recently installed a water ionizer to drastically reduce the consumption of plastic bottles. It’s an ecological structure that has earned Las Terrazas international recognition as a Biosphere Committed complex.

Abama Solidaria and the community

Developed in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic as an urgent response to the acute social issues being faced in Guía de Isora, Abama Solidaria has established itself as a permanent channel to collect donations and connect with the community. In 2020, we worked with the local government to donate tablets for homeschooling, as well as food and diapers, to the most vulnerable families. We also partnered with the OClove jewelry workshop to design a limited-edition necklace whose sales went to the purchase of Christmas toys through other Spanish charities. And in 2021, we collected donations to help the breast cancer support efforts of the Fundación Ámate Tenerife. These social sustainability efforts are ongoing, and under the strict control of a notary, donations received by Abama Solidaria are distributed throughout the year to different social causes.

A weekend golf getaway, a vacation stay at the Las Terrazas de Abama Suites or a season of residence in our sustainable homes: whatever brings you to Abama is also a driver of sustainability in the southwest of Tenerife. The efforts here go far beyond design, and aim to strengthen the place we call home at every level. We are fortunate to live in the protected paradise of this beautiful island, and take our job of maintaining its unique culture and ecology seriously.